Clinton: A case study

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Clinton: A case study

Posted: Thu, 25 Feb 2021 10:32 by JD

Clinton: A case study

Clinton is a 19-year-old Activity Leader. He is passionate about Basketball and the team he's been a member of since he was a teenager. Over the last couple of years he has supported the team coach and helped to run coaching sessions.

Clinton has no formal sports qualifications, but wants to get his Level 2 coaching qualification as he wants to becoming the team coach in the future,

Clinton admits he has never liked formal education and knows meeting deadlines isn't his strength, but he really wants this and needs to know what to do next.

So Clinton took the S360 Training and Development Quiz, these are his responses

      • Training and development areasTransferable employability skills, resilience
      • RolesBasketball coach
      • Challenges: Cost of training, Lack of support
      • Learning formats: eLearning, connecting with others, videos
      • Learning times: Weekdays, weekdays (evenings), weekends, holidays
      • Distance to learning: Up to 1 mile
      • Cost of learning: Free, up to £15.

He then continued and completed his Skills360+. Here are is responses:

      • Current Qualifications: GCSEs, Current DBS
      • Sectors: Youth work, Sport and physical activity
      • Resilience: Clinton has never really thought about his own strengths and weaknesses, but he is aware that his organisation sometimes lets him down and that his communication needs to improve. He does believe that his determination will help him to succeed.
      • Transferable Skills: Clinton likes to take the lead and is happy to be responsible, but only when asked to. He does know that he often needs help to solve problems and doesn't particularly deal well to change.
      • Audience: Clinton is very happy working in his community. He is used to working with teenagers but knows that to become the club coach he will need to work with younger children plus the wheelchair basketball group.
      • Duty to Care: Clinton has received some basic safeguarding training but is aware he'll need more to be club coach. He feels confident in the area of diversity but has had no formal training. He has little or no experience of inclusion or mental health issues.

Skills360 Development Recommendations

      • Level 2 Basketball Coach – Sport Structures (face-to-face)
      • UK Coaching Safeguarding and Protecting Children Workshop – Sports Structures (eLearning)
      • Increase your self-awareness with one simple fix - Tasha Eurich (video)
      • What Are Communication Skills? Top 10 – Alex Lyon (video)
      • How to Solve a Problem in Four Steps – DecisionSkills (video)
      • Adaptability – MindSage (video)
      • UK Coaching Inclusive Activity Programme – Sports Structures (eLearning)
      • Understanding Participants: Young People – Sport Birmingham (eLearning)

Clinton has decided to sign-up to his Level 2 Basketball Coaches course and has started to watch some of the videos that Skills360 has recommended.

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