Our Promise

Supporting you to develop your people

Skills360 is here to support community-based projects and organisations that engage or encourage individuals into becoming more active, or who work or volunteer, or who would eventually like to work or volunteer in the S&PA sector. We also work closely with schools and colleges who teach young people enrolled on academic courses focused on Sport and Physical Activity.

Our Promise

Your Organisation Dashboard

If you are a leader of a project or organisation we provide access to training and development tools that support your volunteers, workforce and participants to build the necessary knowledge skills and qualifications needed for the S&PA workforce. You can track and support your people throughout their time on Skills360.

  • Collaborating with Skllls360 will allow you to offer a personalised programme of support to individuals, that usually starts with our extensive suite of eLearning's accessed through the individual's dashboard
  • By completing the different quizzes on Skills360 individuals can share with you their perceived development needs and the pathways and goals they want to pursue.
  • You can see where your people interact with the system, when they earn Skills360 points and gain badges that highlight their development journey and achievements.
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Empowering Your People

Either Pre-register your volunteers, workforce or participants on Skills360 or send them an email link to register. Once registered your people will be linked to your organisation account allowing you to support them much more effectively.

A Library of Opportunities

Our Databases

Help find opportunities

Access our whole library of opportunities and resources that you can filter further to find the specific support your people require. You can even add your own training and development opportunities for your people or the wider Skills360 community.

Our Trusted Partners

Get connected

Gain further support for your people by getting involved in our network of trusted partners such as national training providers or other local organisations offering tailored training to their communities.

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The News Feed

Share and Learn

Use the News Feed to learn and share with others. Post any training and volunteering opportunities you might have - promoting the good work you do in your community and to a wider audience. As an organisation on Skills360 you will also have your own private group, so you can share and involve your people only in what they, and you, want to share.