The Dashboard

Gaining Knowledge

At the heart of Skills360 is your dashboard. The dashboard let's you access our CIMSPA endorsed eLearning courses, that are easy to follow, interactive and are broken down into bitesize modules taking on average about 20 minutes to finish. These foundational courses aim to build the initial knowledge you will need to thrive within the S&PA sector. This includes eLearning programmes covering work-ready skills such as: leadership, communication, digital skills and safeguarding. As an added bonus completing our eLearning courses will provide you with CIMSPA CPD points. You can also complete more S&PA sector specific eLearning’s including: coaching styles; understanding the sector; working with different audiences and participant safety.

The Dashboard

Your Profile

Understanding Pathways

Once you've completed any of our eLearning's you can choose to look for further training and development in that area. We can then point you to a recommended list of trusted partners and providers, that will be saved in your profile area who can offer further training and development. Take our 'Pathways' quiz to discover which area of the S&PA sector you may be best suited for.

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The Skills360 Coach

Getting Support

On registering with Skillls360 you'll be introduced to an online coach who can guide you through the platform and help you make the most of your time before connecting you with one or more of our trusted partners. You may also have another organisation that's supporting you through your journey such as a school, college, local community group or sport organisation.

Skills360 Points and Badges

Demonstrating Progress

Your progress on Skills360 can also be demonstrated with our badges, awarded for completing each of our learning areas, such as resilience, transferable skills, duty to care or coaching.

In your dashboard you can add photos, videos or text to your evidence feed to provide proof of your skills development, that can then be used in application forms, your CV or to use in job interviews. Build your Skills360 score overtime. Earn points by completing eLearning's, answering quizzes, uploading evidence of development and achieving certifications or qualifications

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Paid Work Opportunities Screen

Our Databases

Exploring opportunities

If you're someone who is already in the S&PA sector, have a good idea of what training you require, or if you're ready to move forward into a volunteering or paid work opportunity you can access our extensive databases. You can filter all our databases to find something that's just right for you.

Trusted Partners

Getting Connected

We have excellent relationships with key partners in the S&PA sector, such as CIMSPA, UK Coaching, Coach Core, the Volunteers Collective and Sport England. We can introduce you to these trusted partners who can help you continue your journey in the sector, providing further support, training and access to thousands of paid work and volunteering opportunities.

Connecting You To Our Partners

The News Feed

Keeping up-to-date

Our wider community of national, regional and local partners have access to our 'news feed' for them to share their insight, training and development opportunities with you. If you are being supported on Skills360 by another organisation then you will also be part of their private group sharing and being involved in only what they, and you, want to share.

The Skills360 App

Skill360 On the Go!

Complete eLearning's, take quizzes and record evidence of your skills development when you're volunteering or at work by using the Skills360 app.

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